Category: Preventive Procedures

Digital X-Rays

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Digital X-Rays Digital x-rays are a more streamlined way of taking dental radiographs. Like traditional x-rays, digital versions provide an in-depth view

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Dental Sealants

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Dental Sealants Dental sealants are clear coatings applied to the surfaces of a child’s molars to prevent the development of tooth decay.

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Bite Guards

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Bite Guards A bite guard is a dental appliance custom-fit to a patient’s teeth. Bite guards serve varying purposes and are often

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Sports Mouth Guard

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Sports Mouth Guard Dental mouth guards have long been used to protect the teeth, gums and supporting tissues from damage, injury and

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Dental Cleaning & Consultation

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT Dental Cleaning & Consultation Preventative care is a foundation of dentistry. The American Dental Association recommends visiting your dentist regularly – usually

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